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ECONOMIES OF SCALE | Review -The rise and rise of LDV light commercials

The rise and rise of LDV light commercials – Chris Mullett reports from Shanghai, China Ten years ago, we looked at the Chinese auto industry with little enthusiasm, in much the same way as we considered the viability of Korean car manufacturing a decade earlier. Time is a great leveller, and today it is increasingly obvious that Australia can no ...

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CAUGHT IN TRAFIC |TRANSPORT NEWS – The latest developments in the world of LCVs from France, Japan and India

Australia’s best-selling medium-sized European van, the Renault Trafic, is gaining a new sibling as the French manufacturer rejigs its Trafic range, enabling buyers to take advantage of Government incentives for tax breaks when purchasing new equipment. Into the Renault model mix comes an 85 kW long-wheelbase variant, extending the range lengthwise from the short-wheelbase 5.2-cubic-metre version that uses the same ...

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VW’s Amarok adds horsepower, but does it add appeal? – Words by Stuart Martin. Horsepower wars killed the Phase IV Ford Falcon and a few other projects at Holden and Chrysler, and now the punch-up is on in the dual-cab ute segment. In the Euro/Japanese ute debate, it’s an all-German brawl this time as Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz trade V6 salvos, ...

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