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MOVING THE GOAL POSTS | Ute Review – Mercedes-Benz X-Class Ute

The Mercedes-Benz X350d sets an interesting challenge for the Japanese – Words and Images by Brenton O’Connor. Much anticipation has surrounded the new V6-powered variant of Mercedes-Benz’s attention-grabbing ute, the X350d V6. Following the initial launch in early 2017 of the four-cylinder-powered  X220d and X250d featuring Nissan-derived engines and transmissions, the X350d is regarded by purists as the ‘true’ Mercedes ...

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Sprinter Takes the High Spot | VAN REVIEW-Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Stuart Martin reviews the new Sprinter from Mercedes-Benz.  Shots have been fired back across the bow of former bedfellow Volkswagen with the arrival of the new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. No longer will Sprinter and Crafter follow down the same production line under the terms of the original joint venture with similarities as to body but with differences of engine, driveline and ...

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Up Market Load Lugger | UTE REVIEW – Mercedes-Benz X-Class

Brenton O’Connor lives with the X-Class in the inner suburbs of Melbourne Following on from the successful media launch of the X Class in Tasmania earlier this year, a follow-up opportunity was provided by Mercedes-Benz to spend a week behind the wheel to gain a greater knowledge of the vehicle through regular driving. For the purposes of testing, I put ...

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