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POWER DRESSING | UTE Review – Mercedes-Benz X-Class

The X-Class brings upper level ride and handling sophistication to the tradie –A first opinion by Warren Caves, Images by Torque it Up.  When I arrived in the Sydney press garage to pick up my latest test drive vehicle, there were two models from the Mercedes -Benz stable ready and waiting for me, a Sprinter Van and an X-Class V6 ...

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PROGRESSIVE PROCESS | UTE REVIEW-Mercedes’ X-Class continues to appeal to the top end of town

Mercedes’ X-Class continues to appeal to the top end of town – Words by Stuart Martin Beneath the bonnet of the big Benz-badged ute finally sits a venerable V6, although more than a few wishful thinkers (the author included) half-joke about whether we’ll ever see a hotter AMG-tuned version. Hope springs eternal that they might one day shoehorn a twin-turbo ...

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Top shelf upgrade for the premium Utility | TRANSPORT NEWS –

Fieldays 2019 has been a busy time for the team at RVE. With utes featuring heavily in motor registrations and Fieldays being the key sales milestone in every year in New Zealand, hero products take up much time and man-hours in the months leading up to this very Kiwi event. 2019 has been no different, as the Mercedes-Benz X-Class X ...

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MOVING THE GOAL POSTS | Ute Review – Mercedes-Benz X-Class Ute

The Mercedes-Benz X350d sets an interesting challenge for the Japanese – Words and Images by Brenton O’Connor. Much anticipation has surrounded the new V6-powered variant of Mercedes-Benz’s attention-grabbing ute, the X350d V6. Following the initial launch in early 2017 of the four-cylinder-powered  X220d and X250d featuring Nissan-derived engines and transmissions, the X350d is regarded by purists as the ‘true’ Mercedes ...

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Up Market Load Lugger | UTE REVIEW – Mercedes-Benz X-Class

Brenton O’Connor lives with the X-Class in the inner suburbs of Melbourne Following on from the successful media launch of the X Class in Tasmania earlier this year, a follow-up opportunity was provided by Mercedes-Benz to spend a week behind the wheel to gain a greater knowledge of the vehicle through regular driving. For the purposes of testing, I put ...

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