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Narva launches 5 ¾ ” L.E.D Headlamp Inserts | Transport news

Big Light with modern looks !  Narva is giving owners of older vehicles a way of dramatically increasing their light output, while also lifting vehicle appearance with the release of new 5 ¾” L.E.D Headlamp Inserts. The inserts are a direct replacement for halogen inserts and come with a H4 connector, making them easy to retrofit to a wide range ...

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PERFECT SIGHT | Accessories – Lighting

How regularly do you check the lights on your vehicle with a front and back walk-around? The importance of seeing and being seen appears to be lost on some drivers that head out at night with defective or underperforming lights on their vehicles. The standard headlamps fitted to vehicles are a starting point when it comes to night vision and ...

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NARVA’s bright lights boogie | TRANSPORT NEWS

Lighting expert Narva has released its Advanced Lighting Systems (ALS) L.E.D Audio Lights, bringing a crisp white light with audio clarity to the camping  ground, workshop or for other trade applications. Available in three model variants producing 600, 2000 and 5000 Lumens of output, the audio lights all feature high efficiency COB L.E.Ds and high quality Bluetooth® speakers, that provide quick and ...

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