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Bendix aerosol range covers from Clean-up to Shine | TRANSPORT NEWS

Bendix has released an exciting  new aerosol range of cleaners that includes the Bendix Brake and Parts Cleaner that is designed to rapidly remove brake fluids, oils, dust, dirt, grease and other contaminants from brake linings, disc pads, drums, clutch plates , rotors etc. surrounding the brake parts. It also stops brake squeal and can be applied without dismantling the brakes. As ...

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Bendix Saves Time and Money with Drilled Commercial Vehicle Brake Linings in Kit Form | TRANSPORT NEWS

Effective braking and optimum stopping distance is vitally important for commercial vehicle operators, not only ensuring safety for the driver but also other road users.  During regular maintenance of the vehicle’s drum braking system, the mechanic is often faced with the task of replacing the brake shoes or relining these. Where a complete Bendix brake shoe is not available the ...

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