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During National Safe Work Month in Australia this October, Bailey Ladders is urging the nation to adopt safe working practice when working at heights.

In 2017 there were 26 fatalities recorded in the construction industry in Australia1, with 31% of these incidents due to falls from heights2. In a bid to help reduce this significant number Bailey Ladders is undergoing an educational campaign throughout October to promote safety in the workplace.

he statistics of fatalities and injuries from construction workers and labourers is alarming,” said Scott Douglas, Bailey Ladders AU NZ Managing Director, “which is why Bailey Ladders is so passionate about raising awareness to ensure everyone comes home from work safely.”

There were 106,260 serious Australian workers’ compensation claims in 2016-­‐17, the highest rate of these at 25% from labourers.

Having the appropriate equipment when undertaking a job, whether it involves working at heights or not, from a trustworthy manufacturer is vital to building and maintaining a safe work place.

Electrician, co-­‐business owner and Bailey safety ambassador, Josh Rose, commented on his role in being able to help support and share this important message as part of the campaign.

“As a tradesperson and business owner, we know how important quality equipment is in helping to eliminate the risk of accidents and injuries so that we can go home to our loved ones each day.”

“I couldn’t ever imagine putting ourselves or anyones lives at risk due to not taking that extra moment to ensure you are using your equipment safely,” he said.

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