People Movers

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DAILY COMMUTE -IVECO’s people mover has considerable appeal | MINIBUS REVIEW

IVECO’s people mover has considerable appeal, as Delivery Magazine found on a recent drive in Melbourne The age of convenience is well and truly upon us, with people looking for new ways to lure customers by making ease-of-use one of the biggest drawcards. While it takes on many different facades, convenience is mostly about making a customer’s life simpler and ...

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Delivery’s people-mover category brought an interesting variety of options, some of which are totally unique in appeal and practicality. For Rob Randazzo, the thing that sets people movers apart from other load carriers is that your load has the ability to express its needs and opinions – and does! The only real unique advantage is that it self-loads (or unloads) ...

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Family Travel

Hyundai’s iMax shows it’s still an interesting and versatile performer. The rise to prominence of Hyundai’s iLoad and iMax has shown just how having the right product and the right price can shake the traditional market of vans and people movers. The South Korean manufacturer brought its semi-bonneted design into a segment where Toyota dominated and Ford held sway with ...

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Mum Bus Marvel

How can we get excited about a Mum Bus? Try the Kia Carnival and find out. Chris Mullett reports. You could be forgiven for thinking that transporting kids to soccer on Saturdays, or collecting the neighbourhood tribe as part of a transport roster system, would be both boring and annoying. Especially, you do need your transport choice to be inherently ...

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