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TITAN TRAILERS | TRAILER REVIEW -Drop-deck trailers can substantially improve turn around times for delivery and pick-up of plant and equipment.

Drop-deck trailers can substantially improve turn around times for delivery and pick-up of plant and equipment. Words by Brenton O’Connor. Some 26 years ago, George Fendyk and business partner Fabian Burder combined forces to establish Burder, in Wangaratta, Victoria. Burder was originally set up as a manufacturer of front-end loaders to suit a wide variety of agricultural tractors. The Burder ...

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Light at Night

LED lighting has dramatically improved night driving  Since the increasing availability of LED lighting systems hit the transport industry, we’ve seen the highways at night transformed into what some might describe as a parade of Christmas decorations, as trucks travel at 100 km/h towards their ultimate destinations. There’s a high safety value in being seen, but there are also significant ...

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Tyre Topics

Choosing the right tyre makes all the difference It’s an unfortunate fact of life that, on a scale of one to ten, tyres don’t seem to attract a high level of excitement on the part of the buyer. Purchasing tyres is seen as a grudge activity, where the buyer knows that good rubber on each corner of their vehicle is ...

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Light Entertainment (Part 2)

Hella has the answer to making sure your vehicle is easy to see on the road, with its range of vehicle safety daylight running lamps.  It’s an unpleasant statistic, but when it comes to daytime intersection accidents up to 80 percent of the cause is the driver of one vehicle not seeing the other. If you want to minimise your ...

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Light Entertainment

Hella has some great additions to its Australian line-up, just in time for Christmas.  If you’ve made the transition from incandescent globes to LED lighting then you’ll not need convincing of the amazing upgrade in power and performance, right through the range from small hand-held torches up to additional lighting for heavy trucks. Once you take the LED path for ...

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