Renault’s Trafic Goes Green to Grow Green

Renault Australia is launching a Green Van Plan aimed at further reducing the environmental impact of its highly efficient diesel engines.

Renault’s “Go Green to Grow Green” plan is being activated in association with the long-established and highly regarded climate action organisation, Greenfleet, and will offset the expected carbon emissions of all Bamboo Green Trafics during the first seven years of their working lives.

Greenfleet will plant enough trees in native forests to absorb the carbon emissions of the Bamboo Green Trafic vans sold, based on the already impressively low official fuel consumption figure of 6.2 litres per 100 kilometres, using an average of 30,000 kilometres travelled per van, per year. This is equal to the maximum distance a Trafic should travel between service intervals, with one annual service being the most a Trafic should need.greenfleet-ceo-wayne-wescot-renault-md-justin-hocevarplanting-native-forest-renault-md-justin-hocevar-left-and-greentfleet-ceo-wayne-wescott

Key to Renault’s Go Green to Grow Green plan is Greenfleet planting native forests that will offset emissions equating to six-tonnes of CO2 per green Trafic per year, which has an in built over-allowance of 20% to reflect real-world fuel consumption. Renault is also undertaking to ensure that Bamboo Green Trafic vans will be the most affordable models in the Trafic range to drive away.

“As a vehicle manufacturer, Renault is very concerned about its impact on the environment, and has some class-leading technologies in its vans already aimed at reducing emissions. Besides being among the most fuel-efficient engines in their respective classes, most Renault vans also now feature an Eco Mode to help further reduce fuel consumption,” said Justin Hocevar, Renault Australia Managing Director.

Renault offers the Trafic in a choice of single or twin-turbo engines and standard (5.2m3) and long-wheelbase (6.0m3) capacities, plus the ability to carry up to 1.2 tonnes of payload. The Bamboo Green colour was introduced with the launch of the all-new Trafic in 2015, and has proven to be very popular to-date, especially with customers seeking an eye-catching mobile billboard for their business.

Greenfleet is Australia’s most trusted source of biodiverse carbon offsets. As an environmental not-for-profit organisation, Greenfleet’s mission is to protect the climate by restoring forests. Since 1997, Greenfleet has planted more than 8.7 million native trees – restoring more than 425 native and biodiverse forests across Australia and New Zealand. Greenfleet services many of Australia’s top-listed companies, and has thousands of individual supporters.

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