New commitment to the transport fuel of the future

GasAGL Energy Limited has announced its plan, to create a chain of CNG refuelling stations along Australia’s east coast to help the country achieve greater fuel security and reduce its carbon footprint. AGL will begin rolling out new public and onsite CNG refuelling stations commencing in Melbourne later this year.

The refuelling stations will expand the range and use of CNG powered trucks.

Mr Carmody said this would broaden the demand for natural gas powered trucks, including LNG powered trucks, which are cheaper to run and less polluting than those powered by diesDSC03967

“A lack of infrastructure is the main barrier to the uptake of CNG in Australia, so it’s very encouraging to see forward thinking in this space,” he said.

“The establishment of more CNG refuelling stations can only increase demand for CNG trucks, and improve their availability through manufacturer

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