The LDV V80 cab chassis has provided the ideal platform for two companies looking to expand and grow their businesses, with leading Queensland Food Trailer producer, Budget Food Trailers, using the LDV V80 to produce its first food truck for Moo-Free Burgers, who are expanding their innovative café-based vegan business into the state’s rapidly growing mobile food market.

Budget Food Trailers has established itself as a leading producer of quality, individually designed and specified food trailers covering the full range of sizes and types of food trailer for the burgeoning mobile food and catering market in Queensland. It is an industry that has been wholeheartedly supported by local government in the state which even produces a web site to guide mobile gourmets to the favourite food truck.

The truck that has proven such a success for Moo-Free Burgers is based on the LDV V80 cab chassis. It is the first food truck produced by Budget Food Trailers, a company also making its first leap into a new market.

Following the LDV V80 for Moo-Free Burgers, Budget Food Trailers may have to adjust its name, with Food Trucks now accounting for a full 20 per cent of its business and it is looking to offer another new business opportunity using the LDV V80’s smaller brother, the G10.

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