Mister Mint’s helping hand

As one of Australia’s largest suppliers of aftermarket car keys, popular household service outlet, Mister Minit has responded to the rapid advances in technology and can now duplicate a large range of immobiliser keys at a fraction of the usual cost and time:


“ Mister Minit stores can now make immobiliser and car keys for most popular makes and model cars,” says Mister Minit’s Technical Training Manager, Leigh Hunt. With an impressive product list that includes Holden, Chrysler, Subaru, Jeep, Toyota, Ford, Honda, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Mazda, Suzuki, Nissan, Kawasaki and Yamaha, Mister Minit offers a wide range of car key shells, original car keys, remote controls as well as aftermarket car keys, all backed by a one year warranty.

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