Masterful accessories for Renault

Renault now offers a genuine factory tray for the Master Cab/Chassis light truck and the all-new Renault Trafic van comes with a wide selection of features including a safe and simple storage system, that takes the effort of loading and unloading roof-mounted ladders.

“Every business is unique, and so every fleet or work vehicle operator has different needs,” says Jean-Marc Julien, Renault Australia’s National Parts Manager.

“We clearly understand this in Australia where our working, driving and climatic environments are different to that of Europe.”


So while all Renault light commercial vehicles come well equipped with universally appreciated features such as safety devices, air conditioning, and many have GPS and reversing cameras, there are many more user-friendly features that can be added to Renault LCVs to suit specific needs.

These include roof bars and ladders, rear and side access steps, sun-shields, security mesh, fire extinguishers, protective interior linings and tow bars.

Renault’s Genuine Accessories are sourced both direct from the factory – such as the 3.6m x 2.1m flat-top tray with folding sides that’s ideal for the Master Single or Dual Cab light truck – or sourced and fitted locally, such as roof bars for the all-new Trafic.

“One of the key benefits of the Renault Genuine Accessories range for customers is that they can be sure the items will fit perfectly, are up to the job long-term, and if an item such as a towbar is damaged, there is just one point of contact for repair or replacement,” Jean-Marc says.

Renault-Master_2“Although the majority of the range of Renault Genuine Accessories are sourced from the factory and covered under the vehicle warranty, the Renault Australia parts team goes to great lengths to develop and source products locally,” he says.

“We do this not only to comply with Australian standards, but also to ensure key products – such as towbars, roof bars, cargo barriers, and roof racks – are readily available.

“For example, for the all-new Trafic, the cargo barrier, pillar handles, towbar, rear steps, roof racks and roof bars are all available in locally sourced options.

“If you’ve ever had trouble reaching the roof of your vehicle to load and unload cargo, the Horizontal Ladder Rotator is one of the best accessories on the market to make this process an ergonomic and safe experience,” Jean-Marc says.
“If the job needs the ladders on and off the roof several times a day, this device will make life a lot easier.”

The Master Cab/Chassis’ new factory-supplied tray has a structural steel frame for strength, with folding and removable 400mm x 20mm alloy drop sides. There’s a timber deck enhanced with a non-slip resin coating, as well as 8 tie-down rings each rated to 80kg. The aluminium cab header board with built in ladder rack is rated to 400kg.

Further handy features include a retractable rear step and moulded mudguards and steel cyclist-protection bars running down each side. Like all accessories, the new Master tray is available from Renault’s 50-strong nationwide dealer network.

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