Keep it Clean

Oil cleanliness is a critical factor in ensuring that engines, gearboxes and drive-trains perform as intended and achieve their maximum life.

Alemlube, Australia’s largest supplier of lubrication equipment, has developed two Oil Filtration Systems designed Oil filtration system Drum Trolleyto help service providers achieve manufacturer’s required levels of oil cleanliness; one for 205 L drums and one for 1,000 L Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC’s).

Operating with clean, dry air at 90psi, the Alemlube Oil Filtration Systems are suitable for use with a range of oil grades from SAE 10 hydraulic oil up to 85W-140 gear oil.

Spill Trays (ST1-100C)Alemlube has also added two spill pallets to its already extensive range of spill containment products.

Designed to carry containers and drums up to 205L, the SJ-100-051 is a single 205L drum spill pallet with 250L capacity whereas the SJ-100-06 with 235L capacity can hold up to four 205L drums.

Both static spill pallets have a removable platform, are compatible with most forklifts & pallet trucks and are manufactured from 100% recyclable UV resistant polyethylene. Ease of cleaning is a real feature of these spill pallets and the stackable design allows convenient and safe storage.

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