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IVECO’s Daily range steps up to new levels for 2012

Italy may be passing through absolute financial turmoil as the result of atrocious fiscal mismanagement, but you’ve got to hand it to the Italians when it comes to design and style. From clothes to cars, Italian design is respected throughout the world. In the automotive industry alone, the design studios such as Giugiaro and Bertone have each created some exceptional vehicles.

One of the best van and cab-chassis line-ups in Australia comes from Italian manufacturer IVECO. With design initiatives from Giugiaro, the use of interior space and the tactile development of the relationship between the driver and the vehicle set the Daily on a level that is above many of its competitors.

Another important asset for IVECO is Fiat Powertrain Systems, the provider of a wide range of engines that are used by members of the Fiat group as well as onsold to other manufacturers.

No new development at IVECO Australia would be complete without a change of executives. Managing Director, Georgio Gallia, has returned to his native Italy, replaced by Danilo Salvatore Martelli. Mr. Martelli has a background as director of key global accounts and has also served IVECO in overseas markets including the United Kingdom, South America and France.

For model year 2012, IVECO is providing a range of upgraded interiors and modifications to its cab-chassis and van models, plus, for the first time, it is introducing an all-wheel-drive version.Light_Truck_Iveco_Trucks_10

With a four-wheel-drive system featuring a central, low-ratio transfer case with lockable centre differential and lockable front and rear differentials, this off-roader is going to be far more capable than just something to drive across a muddy paddock. Available only as cab-chassis, Delivery magazine caught up with the very first example to land in Australia, and, despite some atrocious weather, managed to get some sneak photos of the total vehicle.

Sales of the Daily in Australia are currently split 60/40 percent between vans and chassis-cabs, against units supplied to the motorhome industry. The company is looking for additional growth, especially in the third and fourth quarters of this year, with an aim to increase total sales to over 1000 units per year.

For the van range, the single rear wheel variants come in under the model description of 35SI5 in body capacities of 8, 12 and 15 cubic metres. For the higher weight categories where twin rear wheels are required, the models involved are the 50C17 and 70C17, and these are available with cargo volumes of 12, 15 and 17 cubic metres.

For the single cab-chassis variants, in the 4.5 tonnes GVM weight range, there are three alternatives. The 45C17 with a 3750 mm wheelbase, the 50C17 with both a 3750 mm and 4350 mm wheelbase, and the 70C17, which offers a wheelbase choice of 4350 mm and 4750 mm. The dual-cab versions provide the same wheelbase options as the 50C17 single cab, with 3750 mm and 4350 mm, while for the 70C17 these are changed to 3750 mm and 4350 mm. As with many 4.5 tonnes rated versions, the Daily can be uprated to 5.2 tonnes for use by a light truck license holder.

The seven-tonne model is relatively new to Australia, and, in recent years, the Daily dual-cab has created a strong reputation for its suitability in the role of mini prime mover when coupled by a fifth-wheel to a large camping trailer of extended horse float.

Another unique feature of the Daily range is the optionally availablex rear suspension that includes air bags to provide a softer, more compliant ride. This is especially suited to operators carrying sensitive equipment such as computers or other fragile loads.

Electronic stability programmes are available throughout the entire range, standard with the 45C17 and optional in other models. The same applies to driLight_Truck_Iveco_Trucks_4ver and passenger SRS airbags, with driver’s side as standard and passenger side optional. Seating configurations also vary with either single seat of bench seats available to suit personal choice.

On the road, the visual appeal of the Daily is set to reinforce its presence with the inclusion of daytime running lamps.

Taking pride of place in the 50C dual cab and 70C single cab models, matched to a six-speed manual gearbox, will be FPT Industrial’s new 3.0-litre Euro 5 diesel engine, which will introduce a class-leading power output of 205 hp and a massive 470 Nm of torque.

Key to providing high power and torque with low emissions and fuel consumption is the adoption of twin turbochargers – one compact turbo to provide rapid throttle response from a very low engine speed and a larger unit to deliver the engine’s maximum performance.

The actual frontal design is cleaner and brighter, with a new bumper, new headlights, new fog lamps and a new grille. The driver also benefits by now having a telescopic steering column with 45 mm of height adjustment to get the seat, driver and wheel relationship correct.

IVECO released the new updates to the European market last September and has since found interest is sustaining a strong order bank, especially in the cab-chassis models.

The IVECO Daily owes its success to sales in excess of two million units worldwide.

From its initial launch in 1978, Daily has always been a true commercial vehicle, and is renowned for its truck-derived strength, being the only van range to incorporate a full-length chassis.

In its latest form, new Daily retains its core qualities of strength, reliability, efficiency and versatility, whilst adding new high-efficiency engines, which offer more power, combined with refinements both economically and ecologically.

For new Daily models falling into the heavy-duty category, and all natural gas versions, the EEV (Enhanced Environmentally friendly Vehicle) certification remains, ensuring these models meet the most stringent European exhaust emission standard available.Light_Truck_Iveco_Trucks_5

For lighter models, the FPT Industrial 2.3-litre engine benefits from an increase in engine torque to 320 Nm and a new Multijet II multi-event fuel injection system that optimises the combustion process, bringing noteworthy benefits in terms of lower engine noise, fuel consumption and tail-pipe emissions.

All diesel engines will continue to use an enhanced EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) system, with improved control to ensure accurate recirculated gas distribution among the engine cylinders, and a DPF (diesel particulate filter) as standard. The exhaust system architecture and the EGR logic have been optimised with particular attention to urban-duty cycles.

There’s nothing lacking in the portfolio of safety items available through IVECO with the new Daily range. The new versions include the latest ESP 9 safety system with active sensors, and comprises ABS (anti-lock brakes), EBD (electronic brake force distribution), ASR (traction control), MSR (engine speed management to control engine over-run braking), ESP (stability control), HBA (hydraulic brake assist) to ensure emergency braking is as effective as possible, Hill Holder, LAC (load adaptive braking control), TSM (trailer sway mitigation), HRB (hydraulic rear-wheel brake boost), HFC (hydraulic brake fade compensation), RMI (roll movement intervention) and ROM (roll over mitigation).

New Daily will retain full coverage from 3.5 to 7.0 tonnes gross vehicle weight. This allows for a competitive payload of up to 4.7 tonnes and, for van models, a loading volume of up to 17.2 m3. It also retains its full range of engines, including natural gas and electric drive configurations.

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