HSV has released details of a range of enhancements to its GEN-F line-up with upgrades to styling and inclusions for the Limited Edition GTS Maloo utePress Release - GEN-F Range Update 2 (1)

The upgrades start with an increase in power and torque, to 340kW / 570Nm, on HSV’s three R8 models – ClubSport R8, ClubSport R8 Tourer and Maloo R8.

Power also increases on both the ClubSport and Maloo models, to 325kW (the same power output as the previous E Series 3 GTS), thanks largely to the fitment of a Hi-flow exhaust system with x-pipe intermediate, while the standardisation of a Bi-Modal muffler (a new electric system will now be fitted to all HSV models with the exception of Grange) delivers an even throatier engine note.

The sporting credentials of HSV’s optional 6-speed automatic transmission with Active Select will also be enhanced Press Release - GEN-F Range Updatewith the standardisation of steering wheel mounted “paddle-shifters” which enable manual-like gear changes to extract maximum performance from the powertrain.

The new Maloo R8 RRP is $69,990 while the 325kW LS3 engine and Bi-Modal exhaust now fitted to the Maloo bring with them a new RRP of $59,990.

The RRP of HSV’s optional 6-sp – See more at: http://www.deliverymagazine.com.au/news/hsv-announces-updates-to-gen-f-ute-range#sthash.iSrfhjkd.dpufed automatic transmission with Active Select, which now features “Paddle-shifters”, is $2,500.

And finally, the RRP of the Limited Edition GTS Maloo is confirmed at $87,990 for the manual transmission model.

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