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It’s the top tow vehicle in the Australian market and, with nearly ten years experience of bringing in the highly desirable Dodge Ram ute from the US, Salstrip Ultimate Vehicles has the best solution for any tow application.

The Dodge Ram is renowned for its strength and power, and, as far as Delivery is concerned, it is the only vehicle we would recommend for maximum weight towing. Loved by the powerboat fraternity, the Ram is also the favoured vehicle for use with large caravans, horse floats and gooseneck trailers.

Salstrip Ultimate Vehicles of Ingleside, Sydney, brings in the Laramie Crew and Mega Cab versions of the Ram via New Zealand, where the company converts the imported vehicle to full right-hand-drive standards.

It’s a case of looking at the top specifications available, and each vehicle boasts a massive 6.7-litre, B-Series Cummins diesel engine that produces 262 kW (350hp) and a tree-stump pulling 1084 Nm of torque. As well being the most powerful, it’s also the quietest diesel engine in its class.

Don’t be put off by the first impression of its overall size. Sure, it looks big, and on the inside it can cope with up to six adults. But with parking sensors and reverse cameras, there are no longer any concerns when it comes to parking in confined spaces.

The suspension runs with a five-link, coil spring, front suspension on the 4WD versions, that’s far more sophisticated than the older style leaf front springs found on some of the larger North American utes. Its ride comfort is very compliant and there’s none of the harshness associated with some of the competition.

In addition to the high level of interior trim that features leather and walnut veneer, this vehicle is all about towing, and that’s certainly its strong selling point.CARS_UTES_Dodge-Ram-Interior_3

Electronic stability control and anti-lock braking means the Ram looks after everything safely. When negotiating steep downhill descents there’s additional engine braking, courtesy of an exhaust brake, just like the big trucks on the highway. As this operates, it slows down the rig and trailer making sure that everything stays under control. It even downshifts through the gears on your behalf, to keep everything safe and your trailer in line.

There are several models from which to choose, such as the 2500, 3500 and 4500 Mega Cab and Crew Cab versions. Towing capacities range from 5,700 kg right through to an impressive 8,300 kg for the 5500 Crew Cab.

The top-of-the-line Laramie comes with leather interior, dual-zone air conditioning, heated front seats, fold-up split-fold seats in the rear of the dual cab, auto dimming mirrors, SRS airbags, electronic vehicle information centre, a 30 GB music server and iPod integration.

Although the Ram 1500 has been available in the US, it’s not made it as far as Australia largely due to the lower fuel economy of its petrol V8 engine. That’s about to change, with a new 3.0-litre VM Motori diesel engine coming on line, so be prepared to see an extension to the Ram range in Australia within the next 12 months.

Although offering lighter tare weights and lower towing limits, the new generation Dodge Ram 1500 will not be short of upmarket technology. Part of the specification includes air suspension front and rear, undoubtedly making the 1500 rather unique in its class.

Salstrip Ultimate Vehicles has supplied in excess of 200 Rams to contented Australian buyers, and each new version comes with a full four-year/120,000 km warranty. There’s a full service back-up and parts supply, and regular maintenance periods are scheduled at 10,000 km/six-month intervals.

For further information on the range of Dodge Ram models available through Salstrip Ultimate Vehicles contact

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