Congratulations on a brilliant edition!!!

Hi Chris & Maree,

Just a short note to express my congratulations on a brilliant edition!!! I reckon (in my opinion) that’s the “top issue” of Delivery!!!

Loved all the content – especially the Salstrip Vehicles (I’ve got their website in my Bookmarks….& think of them when I buy A Tatts ticket!!)……the Utes, particularly the “Crew Cabs , and the Tippers!!

My father-in-law – drove Tipper’s after the War until he retired 1979 (I guess that’s where I got my love of Trucks & Utes etc.) – despite being an ex-POW (Japan), he’s still going at 94 years of age!!

Again, thanks for a great publication, and this issue in particular. You’re “Editorial” regarding the “Marketing” fraternity was not lost on me… per previous emails that led to “Eco-Car” dropping off.

It seems the trend in every Industry…..a piece of Paper with Academia types running Marketing functions do not have a clue about the “real world”…….


Deane Mitchell

Growing old is mandatory —— Growing up is optional

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