LDV Vans


LDV offers two choices in the medium van market – Words by Stuart Martin The van battle is not simply a Korea versus Japan proposition, with cameos from the Europeans and the Chinese having staked something of a claim to a spot in the cheap and cheerful end of the segment with its LDV G10 and V80 ranges. The LDV ...

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ECONOMIES OF SCALE | Review -The rise and rise of LDV light commercials

The rise and rise of LDV light commercials – Chris Mullett reports from Shanghai, China Ten years ago, we looked at the Chinese auto industry with little enthusiasm, in much the same way as we considered the viability of Korean car manufacturing a decade earlier. Time is a great leveller, and today it is increasingly obvious that Australia can no ...

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Competitive pricing helps LDV to  more than double its market share. Chinese van maker LDV flew under the radar in 2018, quietly growing its market share and producing a growth rate to the end of November of 145 percent (source: VFACTS). Sales increased from 2017 to the corresponding 11-month period of 2018 from 2315 to 5679 vehicles, represented by the ...

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