Brisbane electrician makes a great connection with the IVECO Daily.

Steve Taylor, owner and operator of Steven Taylor & Co Electrix, is one of Brisbane’s happiest electricians since taking delivery of his new Iveco Daily.

Steven Taylor Electrix

Steven Taylor Electrix

According to Steve, his choice of Iveco’s new 19.6m3 Daily 50C17 – the largest volume capacity of any van available in Australia – has been his single best investment in recent times.

“The Daily is half a metre longer in the back than my previous van, which is great. I’ve been able to carry a couple more ladders that I couldn’t previously. It’s also freed up quite a large area that I can use to store bigger items like switchboards and stoves for installation, along with all my essential gear,” Steve said.

Steve’s Daily runs a 3-litre turbo diesel Iveco engine with 170hp and features a six speed synchromesh single overdrive manual transmission that as Steve commented, “Ensures there’s always a gear ratio perfect for the grade and speed I’m travelling.”

The extra power compared to its predecessor has not only allowed him to carry all necessary equipment and supplies, it also handles the road especially well despite the added payload.

“I need to be able to stand up easily in the rear section to gather the required parts for the job at hand, and for my van to carry my two-tonne payload of tools and stock items. And if I wish to pay a bit more registration, an additional 700kgs of stuff can be added legally,” Steve said.

“The most important thing to me was being able to carry the two tonnes necessary with safety, and within the Australian road rules. I never have to worry about being overloaded. I’m able to have everything I need for the job, on the job, at all times.”
The new Daily combines the strength of a tough C-section chassis while still being car-like to drive, and Steve says that with rear-wheel-drive, the Daily feels confident on the road and is manoeuvrable and easy to drive.

Steven Taylor Electrix

Steven Taylor Electrix

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