Bailey Ladders urges safety at heights as DIY product sales surge | TRANSPORT NEWS

COVID 19 is having an impact on home renovations, with DIY enthusiasts hard at work in self isolation as they improve their own properties. This has prompted Bailey ladders, the makers of Australia’s#1 ladder brand  to remind users of the need to remember to take safety precautions when working above ground level.

“No matter what you’re doing, always use your ladder safely”,says Bailey Ladders Managing Director APAC, Scott Douglas, “This isn’t just limited to having someone hold your ladder while you climb it – it starts with making sure your equipment is clean and fit for use as well as ensuring you aren’t putting yourself in a position where you need to overreach while using a ladder.

In 2013-14, falling from a ladder was the most common cause of DIY injury, and more than half of all DIY injuries due to a fall, resulted in a fracture.

When undertaking DIY activities around the home, it is important to choose the correct ladder or equipment for the task at hand, as well as using high-quality equipment with the relevant safety features, to prevent the likelihood of injury and harm when working at heights.

Regardless of the type of ladder you are using or the job at hand, there are simple steps you can take to keep yourself safe.

Ladder Safety Tips

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