Van Shelving Systems provides a complete answer to organising the interior of your van or ute. And it’s all Australian

Chances are that you can make pretty much anything these days, anywhere in the world. But when it comes to guaranteeing quality, professionalism and a lifetime warranty, you’ll soon find the options dwindle rapidly.

There’s many a company that has bought an imported product manufactured in a Third World country with the expectation that the build quality would match local Australian expectations. Likewise, there are some very disappointed buyers out there who have realised they effectively wasted their time and money when working with the final product.

Back in 1998, Brett and Debbie Pareezer realised that van and ute buyers were becoming more discerning whVan-Racking-5en it came to customising the interior load areas of their vehicles. Whether it be for simple racking systems for couriers, or extensive racking and storage systems to contain accessories and components, customers were looking for specialised storage solutions.

At that time the storage and racking systems available were either manufactured in Europe and imported at significant cost, or sourced from countries like China where quality was a major issue.

“We founded Vehicle Accessory Specialists to provide high quality accessories such as lights, canopies, bull bars, roof racks and nudge bars. Other equipment available from Vehicle Accessory Specialists includes plywood floors and wall cladding.

“Our knowledge of the industry soon led us to expand into supplying storage and racking solutions, and that led us to design, develop and manufacturer our own brand called Van Shelving Systems,” said Brett.

“As a boilermaker by trade, I knew that we could design and manufacture better products than were available on the market. We created specific options for vans and utes and also developed unique mounting systems that use the installation point provided by the various vehicle manufacturers. This means that all systems mount securely and there is no risk of mounting points pulling free from a vehicle body or damaging the vehicle interior.

Van-Racking-2“Under the Van Shelving Systems brand we have developed specific mounting plates for Mercedes-Benz, Renault, and Hyundai, plus we have our own universal fitting kits that cater for other models. All our steel is sourced within Australia from BlueScope Steel or BHP, and we then powdercoat the steel to provide a uniform smart and corrosion or damage-resistant appearance,” said Brett.

The company has grown substantially in the past six years and is now supplying its Van Shelving Systems to a network of 21 distributors across Australia. The range of products varies from individual cabinets that feature external venting to contain gas cylinders, to water and fluid containers, parts bins, slide-out trays, various sizes of lockers, mounting systems for vices and equipment, plus wire, cable and pipe racking. In fact, anything that needs to be stored securely but accessed easily, either within a vehicle or on the roof, as with ladder racks. We also design and manufacture interior bulkheads for van fitment.

There is no limitation to the size of vehicle that can be custom-fitted to improve its efficiency, with specific solutions ranging down to small vans that work for pathology companies, and expanding to vans used for fire protection, the unique requirements of specialised tradesmen, or 24/7 repair and maintenance response vehicles.

The high quality of the units is obvious to any onlooker, as is the solid mounting system that prevents rattle and movement within the racks, shelves and lockers. From a safety perspective the units conform to ADR42/03.

“Our pride comes from being Australian owned, Australian made and with Australian steel,” said Debbie Pareezer.

“It’s important to know your market and to concentrate on that segment. That way you maintain your edge as being a specialist supplier. We are expanding into supplying major fleets as well as individual vehicles, and as a manufacturer we can supply everything we make from stock. If we don’t yet make it, we can design it,” said Debbie.

“We have so much confidence in our products that we provide a lifetime warranty. That’s not often the case with suppliers from overseas,” Debbie added.



Helen Clark, Brett and Debbie Pareezer (front row) with Adrian Pareezer and William Pedley (L-R rear).

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