Total Oil Australia Joins Forces With Nissan Australia

Total Oil Australia announced a new strategic partnership with Nissan Australia, becoming the official lubricant supplier for the global automotive manufacturer’s Australian range of vehicles. Total Oil Australia will also co-brand the new oil range, labelled as ‘Nissan Genuine Oil designed by Total.motor-oil-full-synthetic-5w-30-c4-dpf

The new partnership is an extension of existing global partnerships between Nissan and Total, the two brands having close relationships across Europe and Asia Pacific.

The new range includes four separate engine oils, with three being a distinct upgrade from the previous range as they are full synthetic oils, optimised for Nissan’s efficient engines. The oils offer unparalleled quality, fuel economy and performance benefits plus added engine protection.

The Nissan lubricant range includes the all new 0W-20 ultra-low viscosity ‘future proof’ oil to assist with fuel economy and a new, specific 5W-30 C4 DPF engine oil offering for the Diesel powered Navara NP300 models.

Total Oil Australia will manage order and fulfilment for the Nissan Dealer Network with Total field staff working with their Nissan counterparts to integrate the process for Nissan Dealers. The new relationship will also allow Nissan dealers to access a dedicated range of Total branded driveline fluids, as part of Total’s ‘Total Dealership Solution’.


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