Mercedes-Benz moves into the ute market, and, in doing so, it changes all the ground rules – by Chris Mullett

It was five years in the making, but as it enters the Australian market in April of 2018 the X-Class will set totally new limits of ability that currently are not matched by any of its competitors.

Placing a new vehicle above all its opposition, even before it goes on sale in Australia, is a large call by anyone’s definition. But that statement comes as the result of decades of experience behind Delivery Magazine’s test and evaluation programmes.

As an indication of the importance of the Australian market for global ute sales, Delivery Magazine was privileged to be invited to monitor the development programme for the X-Class through the past 14 months, joining the Mercedes-Benz engineers working on the programme in various locations around the world, including Germany, Sweden, South Africa and South America, as the company confirmed its final specifications for the X-Class, prior to its release for sale.


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