Narva Expands Popular Aeromax Range of Emergency Vehicle Lighting | TRANSPORT NEWS

Narva has expanded its popular range of Aeromax L.E.D mini light boxes to include new red and blue variants specifically designed for emergency vehicles. The super-compact light boxes offer a low-profile, modern-styled solution to emergency lighting and can be used on their own or in synchronised pairs (flange mount only) as a mini light bar setup.

Utilising high-powered L.E.D modules that are incredibly bright and enjoy a low current draw of 1.9A at 12V and 0.9A at 24V, Aeromax light boxes offer outstanding performance that exceeds SAE Class 1 approvals. Whilst discreet when not in use, the units ensure total awareness from all angles by employing eight distinct and selectable flash patterns, including: constantly on, double flashing, alternate flashing, cross flashing, rotating, quint rotating, ultra and ultra-double.

Measuring just 47mm high, the light boxes are available in two sizes – 173mm x 200mm and 173mm x 365mm, and come with low profile brackets for permanent mounting, making them ideal for roof mounting where clearance and obstacles such as tree branches present issues. A magnetic mount option is also available for the smaller units, featuring cigarette lighter plug and pattern selector switch.

IP65 protection and virtually unbreakable polycarbonate lenses offer high protection from the elements, whilst all Aeromax light boxes come backed by Narva’s 5 year L.E.D warranty.

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