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In line with the legislation applicable to trailer braking systems under ADR 38/04, electrical equipment supplier NARVA has released new EBS Multicore Cables that are compatible with new trailers, providing a reliable and hard-wearing connection between the prime mover and trailing equipment.

Available as a standard EBS Multicore Cable or as a Heavy Duty EBS Multicore Cable for road train applications, the cables are designed and manufactured to International Standard ISO 4141.

In keeping with the standard, the outer sheath in these cables is 1mm thick and features a polyvinyl-chloride (V90 PVC) insulation. The standard 7 core cable includes two white twisted data cables with a green or brown trace and are available in 30m (Part No. 5874-30EBS) and 100m (Part No. 5874-100EBS) reels.

The Heavy Duty EBS cable (Part No. 5876-100EBS) is made with a larger cross section, increasing current capacity and reducing voltage drop over longer distances. This cable is available in 100m reels providing extra value and greater convenience as spare cable can be kept on hand at the workshop.

Offering secure connection to the new Multicore Cables are Narva’s 7 Pin EBS Round Plug and Sockets suitable for both 12 and 24V systems.

The ABS system has 5 pins while the EBS requires 2 additional contacts (7 pins in total), to permit the exchange of data between cab and trailer to optimise braking efficiency.

The plugs are connected to the sockets with a steel latch to avoid accidental disconnection. To minimise the risk of incorrect connection, the sockets are also provided with a plug expulsion system in case the plug is incorrectly connected.

Along with these features, a secure mechanical resistance and a watertight design guarantee an efficient and reliable electrical connection.

Among the connector models is a 12/24V variant (Part No. 82196) that’s ideal for use with the multi-voltage EBS and ABS systems found on modern trailers, this is supplied with 7 nickel placed brass screw terminal pins to suit both ABS (5 pins used) or EBS (7 pins used).

For those only requiring a 12V unit, there’s the 82197 model, while the 82198 is ideal for 24V only applications.

Other models include a 12V 7 pin EBS socket with nickel plated brass pins and screw terminals (Part No. 82096), a 24V version (Part No. 82098), and 12 and 24V ‘Parking’ sockets (Part no. 82097 and 82099 respectively).

Also on offer are two ‘Suzi Coil’ options suitable for use with both EBS and ABS systems and these are already fitted with Narva plugs.

Part number 82560 is a 12/24V 7 Core EBS unit that can be used on both 12 and 24V systems as well as to connect multi-voltage trailers to vehicles with non-matching socket voltages. This model is 4.5 metres long with two short (250mm) tails fitted with part number 82196 12/24V EBS plugs attached.

The second Suzi Coil has the same great features but is for exclusive use with 24V systems and features part number 82198, 24V EBS plugs.

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