Australia just loves a Century

Legendary Australian cricketer, Matthew Hayden has been appointed as a brand ambassador for  Australian battery manufacturer – Century.

 As the country faces another year with leading manufacturers set to shut their doors, the international cricketer says there has never been a more important time to remind people to support local businesses.

“This year Century chalks up 89 years of manufacturing in Australia and we want to ensure they reach their century milestone,” Hayden said, “There is nothing more satisfying than to reach a century and it is no easy feat – whether that is on the cricket pitch or in the boardroom: that number is increasingly elusive.

“Century puts millions back into the economy along with employing 600 people alone: when you take into account the other national businesses dependent on their contracts this stretches to thousands of Aussie jobs. So you can see why we are passionate about keeping manufacturing in Australia.”

Hayden teams with footy great Andrew Ettingshausen in an emotive campaign reminding mates to look out for mates. The national television campaign, with both 30 second and 15 seconds ads, will play out across Free-to-Air, Pay TV and Digital channels supported by an extensive outdoor billboard and print advertising campaign along with a diverse digital and on-line presence.

Century’s Australasian Automotive General Manager Stu Stanners said for the first time in 12 years, the company had opted for a media campaign, unashamedly emotional; to remind Australians how important it was to keep jobs in this country.

“Our manufacturing operation extends across the country as far south as Port Pirie in South Australia for lead, to New South Wales for recycled components and back to Queensland for plastics and signage.

“At a time when the Reserve Bank was reporting manufacturing in Australia was at its lowest ever, we at Century will continue to buck the trend by investing millions of dollars into expanding our Australian manufacturing facility.

“Century has a long history of manufacturing in Australia – starting in New South Wales 89 years ago. While the Reserve Bank study suggests the future for Australian manufacturing lies in conducting research, development and design at home while doing production offshore: we have invested millions of dollars to ensure we continue to be operational in Australia for years to come. We want that ‘century’ and our workers deserve it.”

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