Light Entertainment (Part 2)

Hella has the answer to making sure your vehicle is easy to see on the road, with its range of vehicle safety daylight running lamps. 

It’s an unpleasant statistic, but when it comes to daytime intersection accidents up to 80 percent of the cause is the driver of one vehicle not seeing the other.

If you want to minimise your risk when out on the highway in daytime, think about fitting a Hella LED Safety Daylight kit.


Although some drivers travel with the headlamps on dipped beam during the day, it makes sense to contemplate that the dipped beam shines downwards onto the road, rather than towards the oncoming traffic as in the case of a safety daylight running lamp.

So, if you want to be seen, get the proper light, rather than thinking that with dipped beams illuminated you are getting the same result in terms of increased safety.

Hella offers a comprehensive range of easy-to-fit kits that bring your vehicle up to today’s safety standards, matching the current European regulations that require all manufacturers to fit daytime running lamps as part of the new vehicle standard specification.

Using LED technology, these lights come in different shapes and sizes to cater for the varying contours of the various frontal designs of modern vehicles, as well as those owners that have an older vehicle they want to update.

At Delivery Magazine we’ve made the fitment of safety daylight running lamps a standard fit across our fleet. It’s also worthwhile adding Hella’s Smart Controller that simplifies fitment by eliminating the need to wire the lamp or changeover relay to the ignition terminal.

The Smart Controller can be wired directly to the positive terminal of the battery, saving the difficult and often time consuming need to find the ignition feed.


The Smart Controller monitors the voltage supply from the battery and will automatically switch the safety daylight running lamps on when the engine is started, and automatically switch them off when the headlamps are activated or the engine is turned off.

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