June sale of commercial vehicles rocket upwards | TRANSPORT NEWS

Sales figures for June 2020 released by the Truck Industry Council record the best monthly sales EVER recorded in Australia.

In total 4,620 heavy trucks and vans above 3.5t GVM were sold last month, eclipsing the previous best monthly result, that of June 2018, when 4,231 trucks were delivered.

The major growth was in the small end of the heavy vehicle market. Light Duty trucks saw 1,583 units, surpassing the previous monthly record of 1,304 set in June 2018, a 21.4 percent increase. The Light Duty van segment was the star performer in June with 1,006 Light Duty vans delivered, beating the previous best result, June 2019 with 714 van sales, by an impressive 40.9 percent.

Factory closures and sales staff being sent home to self isolate resulted in a lack of product supply for the heavy truck segment, with reports from dealerships now confirming better than normal enquiry rates.

The Medium Duty segment saw 897 trucks delivered in June, up 12.7 percent (101 trucks) over June 2019.

The Light Duty truck segment in  June resulted in total of 1,583 Light Duty trucks sold in June, up 24.3 percent over the June 2019 result.

The June Light Duty Van sales (vans with a GVM between 3,500 kg and 8,000 kg) were  well up over June 2019 results. 1,006 vans were delivered for the month, up a significant 40.9 percent (292 vans) over June 2019 and a new monthly sales record for vans in Australia.

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