Mounting driving lights is now a lot easier, thanks to Hella

Despite the rapid rise in popularity of utes and SUVs, it’s not every owner’s wish to drive around with a bullbar bolted onto the front end. Unless the vehicle is going to be driven in country areas at night where there is a high risk of animal impact, it’s quite feasible that what the manufacturer designed around the front of the vehicle will stay put throughout its life.Vehicle-lighting-HELLA-4

Although in recent years the industry has moved towards Xenon lighting with Projector beams, there’s still a significant benefit to be gained from adding auxiliary lighting systems.

For those that don’t have a strong mounting position such as a bullbar, the problem has always been how to mount accessories on the front of vehicles that have been designed without the thought of adding extra lights. Now, thanks to the clever lighting experts at Hella, there’s an option that might suit these specific circumstances.

Technology with LED lighting is moving ahead at a respectable pace, and Hella has developed its own driving-lamp bar that is a slimline 350 mm long rectangular design containing 12 high-performance LEDs, each of which has its own optical lens.

Unlike the cheap Chinese bar lights that are currently flooding the market, the Hella driving light bar focuses and projects a beam in the same way as that of a circular driving lamp. It hits the road surface over 300 metres ahead of the vehicle and is fully sealed and submersible, so water ingress will never be a problem, and it weighs just 700 grams.

When buying lights these days, look for the ECE certified logo, which usually indicates that what you are purchasing is not a cheap copy from China and incorporates internal electronic circuits that are not going to fry, melt or otherwise fail prematurely. Hella’s driving-light bar comes with all the right endorsements, plus the company backs its product with a full five-year warranty.Vehicle-lighting-HELLA-10

With a luminous intensity of 145,000-candela it provides optimum brightness at input voltages of 9-33 volts, meaning this is a unit that can be fitted to cars and trucks with 12-volt or 24-volt systems. The light bar comes in two different beam patterns – as a pencil beam that is rated with one lux at approximately 380 metres, or as a high beam with the same output rating at 320 metres.

The light bar comes with a universal mounting bracket system, but Hella has also developed a one-piece, powder coated steel bracket that fits behind the registration plate and provides a strong and secure mounting point.

Delivery magazine has been testing Hella’s driving-light bars on our fleet utes and SUVs and has found them to be a valuable addition in their own right. One unit in particular has been attacked by two kangaroos that decided to impact the front of the vehicle, and the bar has survived without damage.

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