Hella has some great additions to its Australian line-up, just in time for Christmas.

If you’ve made the transition from incandescent globes to LED lighting then you’ll not need convincing of the amazing upgrade in power and performance, right through the range from small hand-held torches up to additional lighting for heavy trucks.

Once you take the LED path for many applications the benefits outweigh any disadvantages, the only point of contention being where the longer beams of the xenon products still outperform the brilliance of the LED alternatives.

Start with the Hella Miniform, a great pocket-sized LED inspection light that doubles as a pocket torch. Complete with a flip-out integral stand, a strong magnetic base and a foldout hook to hang off something handy, this little wonder emits 250-lux at half a metre distance, with a choice of two intensities. It recharges off a USB port or via a mains adaptor provided with the unit.

Adding auxiliary lighting to the front of a light commercial can produce problems when it comes to the actual mounting of the light because of a lack of suitable positions, unless it’s also intended to fit a bullbar or nudge bar.

Hella has come up with a strong mounting system that incorporates a steel support behind the vehicle registration plate on which can be mounted a Hella LED Driving Lamp Bar. Alternatively, the light bar can be mounted by drilling two holes in the bumper bar or lower grille support area.

Available in two lengths, 350 mm and 470 mm, with 12 or 16 high performance LEDs, these light bars are fully waterproof, weigh just 700 kg or 950 kg and yet they provide a significant upgrade in lighting output. Because of Hella’s expertise with lens design, these light bars effectively work like a conventional round driving lamp with the lenses aligned in a strip that focuses the light emission onto the road ahead.

Delivery magazine has been evaluating these LED driving lamp bars and can verify their performance and their ease of fitment, making them a quick fix solution where mounting space is at a premium. These are long-distance projection beams, not to be confused with the low-cost Chinse manufactured light bars that just illuminate the area immediately in front of a vehicle when driving off-road.

When mounting areas are available, such as a bullbar, Delivery can also highly recommend the LED Luminator round driving lamps. Available as a compact unit with a width of 181 mm or in full size mode of 222 mm, they project a beam of 1-lux value up to a distance of 580 m.

For those wanting a greater depth of beam performance, then it’s a move to the Predator Xenon Gas Discharge driving lamps that take a pencil beam out to 900 m at a value of 980-lux. Where space is still limited, or if there are concerns over inhibiting airflow through a radiator, the Rallye FF 4000 Xenon Gas Discharge compact units feature a casing diameter of 170 mm compared with 222 mm, a narrower depth of 139 mm against 153 mm, but retain spectacular performance rating up to 1-lux at 1000 metres for a pencil beam, or 500 metres for a spread pattern.

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