Five Years of Making a Difference | TRANSPORT NEWS – I-Venture Club

Isuzu UTE Australia’s incredibly-popular I-Venture Club 4WD training programme is celebrating its 5th birthday, safe in the knowledge it has provided valuable training to drivers ready to travel off road in their Isuzu D-MAX or MU-X.

Isuzu D-MAX and MU-X drivers across the country actively continue to engage with Australia’s only vehicle manufacturer initiative of its kind that incorporates driver training days and extended training tours throughout the year—further enabling Isuzu owners to Go Their Own Way under the guidance of accredited 4×4 instructors.

Isuzu owners have the option to choose from single-day courses occurring regularly across the country, or a bi-annual multiple-day course—offering a more extensive taste of Australia’s most authentically iconic locations—both proven to be a roaring success. November 2019 also marked I-Venture Club’s very first on-road training in Queensland, where owners hitched up their caravan, trailer or boat and explored the fundamentals of towing in their D-MAX or MU-X—an offering that Isuzu UTE Australia only hopes to expand to other states in time.

Isuzu Ute Australia is the only 4×4 manufacturer to actively train its customers to ensure they gain the best use of their vehicle safely and with full experience that education can provide. 

Delivery Magazine has experienced the Isuzu Ute training programme and ranks its standards as the highest available globally, of equal standing with the renowned Land Rover Training Course in the United Kingdom.  

“It’s the only 4×4 manufacturer that backs its products with proper training programmes, reinforcing the ability of the vehicle to its customers,” said Chris Mullett, editor of Delivery Magazine. “With 40 years experience of off road driver training, Isuzu Ute AUstralia is to be congratulated for this initiative,” he added.

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