DOMECTIC upgrades its Coolpro thermoelectric coolers | TRANSPORT NEWS

Domectic’s TCX range of 12/24 V DC or 24o Volt AC thermoelectric coolers provide all the previous benefits of the popular Dometic CoolPro TC series, with the release of the new TCX 14 ( 14 litre) and TCX 21 ( 21 litre) units.

These thermoelectric coolers have a high performance fan for dynamic interior ventilation that can create temperature, as low as 1 °C (TCX 14), or warm up to 65°C.

An intelligent power-saving circuit in the TCX creates efficiency and minimises excessive power use, while seven-level temperature regulation gives the user full control. A memory feature allows the maintenance of presets if the system is turned off.

The TCX range has additional protection and safety measures, including active battery protection that will prevent deep discharge of the vehicle’s battery and a reverse polarity feature ensures foolproof DC electrical connections.

The recommended retails price of TCX 14 is $245.00 and the TCX 21 is $325.00

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