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A fleet of 17 Isuzu D-Max Utes forms the backbone to reliable service for Sydney-based Truck Transmissions Pty Ltd.


In 1971, Truck Transmissions Pty Ltd. started as a wholesaler of truck parts and remanufacturer of transmissions and diffs, and is today based in Governor Macquarie Drive in the western Sydney suburb of Chipping Norton.

During the 1990’s, the company changed its focus to concentrate on being a specialised remanufacturer of truck transmissions and differentials. This new direction enabled the company to supply to the industry a complete range of gearing and associated parts to service transmissions and differentials. New transmissions and differentials are also offered, adding to the extensive range of options available.

Managed by directors Paul and David Smith, the number-one factor in the company’s approach to customer service is that, wherever possible, Truck Transmissions provides a same day, strip, quote and rebuild service for virtually any brand of gearbox or differential.

“If we can receive the unit first thing in the morning we can usually have it completed for pick up or delivery by the close of business on the same day,” said Paul Smith.

“One of our great strengths is that we hold parts in-house for just about any make of manual or automated manual gearbox or differential.

“We handle complete rebuilds for all light, medium and heavy commercial trucks and buses, even for brands that date back to the days of Bedford, Foden, ERF and others from years gone by. As a typical example, if a farmer has a 45-year-old International with a Number 2 Eaton diff, we can help him out,” added Paul.

In order to support the company’s high standards of customer service, Truck Transmissions Pty Ltd. relies on a fleet of 17 Isuzu D-MAX utes and cab/chassis units to operate throughout the greater Sydney area picking up and delivering gearboxes and transmissions to its customers.

“We changed to Isuzu D-Max units for our PUD (pick up and delivery) fleet three years ago after completing extensive research ourselves into the reliability and durability of the different makes of utes available on the Australian market,” said Paul Smith.

“In the past we operated a fleet of utes from another well-known brand, but we had various issues including that of fuel economy.

“The criteria for moving to D-MAX was value for money, reliability and fuel economy. These were the big factors we were looking for. Our selection of the D-MAX came from our experience in the past on Isuzu products, plus our research on what people are driving and their experiences in the past.

“In our normal work we deal with Gilbert & Roach with the Isuzu truck product, and, as such, by choosing the D-MAX we were able to flow our business straight to them. In making our purchase decision we only compared the D-MAX with other makes rather than looking for the lowest financial deal.

“We operate 15 dual-cab D-MAX utes plus a further 2 cab/chassis units fitted
with trays. A typical annual distancetravelled by the crew-cab utes is usually in the region of 30,000 km. The tray back D-MAXs are on the road all the time, travelling upwards of 100,000 km each year.

“We find the quality of the D-MAX is certainly comparable to other brands, and their total cost of operation over the five years we keep them in the fleet is much less. It’s a small truck made by a big truck company. It has the reliability of a bigger engine that was detuned, and the strength of the driveline is another important factor.



“All but four of our D-MAX fleet are fitted with manual gearboxes, with the remainder being fitted with the five-speed automatic transmission. All are going well and we service them in our own workshop with oil drain intervals and filter replacement every 10,000 km,” said Paul.



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