Collapsed pallet leads to liability

Industry consultant Nelson Joyce has highlighted liability concerns over poor standards of pallet stacking and loading.

“With personnel safety risks and third party product damage the two main areas of potential trouble, it is now more important than ever to properly secure pallet contents so they remain stable during handling and transport,” said Mr. Joyce.

“During shipment, your pallet is exposed to many different operating environments and in almost all cases is moved alongside stock belonging to other organisations.

-pallet liability can strike
Citing the problems of using inferior grade stretch wrap Mr. Joyce recommends the use of Axpol Stretch for firm pallet hold and security of transit to reduce a company’s exposure to damage claims and stock outs.

“Conforming to rigid specifications, Axpol Stretch wrap is thin but very strong with elongation and tensile strength, therefore reducing the cost per pallet. Being high clarity, noiseless and clean to use, stock identification is easy and accurate bar-code scanning is achieved. High Puncture resistance reduces downtime on line from film breaks caused from rough corners on pallets.

“All it takes is one breakage of stretch wrap in transit or handling and you have a potentially crippling court case with which to deal,” said Mr Joyce.

“A simple and small investment into a higher category of product quality can ensure you never have a problem,” he added.

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