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Bendix has released an exciting  new aerosol range of cleaners that includes the Bendix Brake and Parts Cleaner that is designed to rapidly remove brake fluids, oils, dust, dirt, grease and other contaminants from brake linings, disc pads, drums, clutch plates , rotors etc. surrounding the brake parts. It also stops brake squeal and can be applied without dismantling the brakes. As the label suggests Brake and Parts Cleaner also cleans other components and workshop equipment.

Also included in the new range is the Bendix Degrease aerosol, a powerful multipurpose degreaser formulated to remove heavy grease from car and small engines, concrete floors, driveways and workshop surfaces. The Bendix Shine aerosol is the easiest way to shine your tyres, mud flaps and bumper, while also preventing dirt from forming on the surfaces.

Bendix Multi-Use Penetrating and Lubricating aerosol is a heavy duty water dispersant that also assists in lubricating, protecting and starting wet engines, stopping squeaks and lubricating rusted parts.

The Bendix Smooth White Lithium Grease aerosol is an all-purpose lubricant to protect surfaces from abrading or scratching other surfaces and is ideal for lubricating wheel bearings under all service conditions, CV joints, hinges, door catches plus many more uses around the home and garden shed. Smooth is ideally suited to automotive, marine, agricultural, general industrial and household uses.

Bendix Silicone aerosol also has multiple uses providing the ideal protection for plastic, vinyl and rubber, sliding tracks, locks, fishing equipment, chain and moving belts in automotive, marine, household plus a host of general applications.

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