Ateco takes over LDV in Australia

Ateco Automotive has recently taken over the importation and distribution of LDV commercial vehicles. LDV is owned by the Shanghai Motor Commercial Vehicle Company (SMCV) which is in turn a subsidiary of Chinese automotive powerhouse Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC).

SAIC is a major joint-venture partner with the two biggest western car-makers in China, General Motors and Volkswagen, producing some 5 million vehicles last year.

The company’s plans for LDV in Australia include an expanded national dealer network, enhanced service and parts support and an increase in overall competitiveness. Ateco will re-launch the LDV brand later this year with revisions to the model line-up and more competitive pricing.

LDV’s Australian re-launch will be overseen by Ateco’s General Manager New Ventures, Dinesh Chinnappa, who is optimistic about the brand’s chances of gaining broader market acceptance. “We are very bullish about the brand. We are genuinely excited by the impending arrival of automatics across the V80 range (including 11and 14 seat buses) and a smaller one tonne van and people mover.” he said.


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